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hey former reedies who are currently pursuing doctorate degrees in the social sciences? [11 Aug 2010|12:31am]

I am applying to programs this fall and could use some advice. if you don't mind being asked retarded questions please reply to post or by message to this lj account.

they are mostly of a how do I get my ass admitted / how to make this easier on myself sort of nature.

also, do people actually read this community?
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Rooms available in the SE [29 Jul 2010|04:02pm]

Are you a Reed alumnus/alumna?
Are you tired of living in a box?
And spending all of your beer money on rent?
Do you want to live with awesome people who actually do their dishes?

If you answered "yes" to any of those questions, please read on.Collapse )
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looking for roommates for a house on Hawthorne. [17 Apr 2010|12:09am]

I'm a recent Reed alumna looking for two roommates for my house on Hawthorne. It's an amazing house in a great location, and I'm hoping to find two people to share a large room. Rent is $400 a month each, and the room is available May 1st. 

For pictures of the house and information, check out this craigslist ad. E-mail me at boselyr@gmail.com if you're interested.
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SE House of Reed alums seeks new housemate starting June 1 [08 Mar 2010|03:45pm]

We are looking for a responsible, fun-loving someone who needs a room for the summer starting June 1 (with possibility of storage, etc. beforehand) and/or the following year (until summer 2011).  Our house, Xanadu, is near the intersection of SE 29th & Francis, one block north of Gladstone. It is only about a mile from campus, a short walk and even shorter bike ride, and very close to the 9, 10, and 17 bus lines. After this spring, we will be a house of 5 alumni and 1 current student and are looking for another Reedie housemate, either current student or alumnus/alumna. 

We have a great, light-filled house with an amazing huge kitchen/dinette, a great big living room with hardwood floors and a fireplace, a downstairs den equipped with another fireplace, big television, crafting supplies and similar accouterments, a giant yard, a garden plot (if you're interested), a great back porch, and other general awesomeness. 

More about our houseCollapse )
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tonight at Powells downtown: Myrlin Hermes [11 Feb 2010|11:58am]

Myrlin Hermes reads from her new book, The Lunatic, the Lover, and the Poet. It's a really great book (I read an advance copy); Hamlet, the Prince of Denmark, enmeshed in a bisexual love triangle with Horatio and the Dark Lady from Shakespeare's sonnets. And hey, it's free! Come and heckle Myrlin about doing theatre at Reed, why she likes Glee so much, whether she remembers the opening lines of the Iliad, etc. etc. (Full disclosure: she's my pal. But even so, this book impressed the hell out of me. It is absolutely worth your time.)

The usual time and place: 7:30, Powells City of Books (downtown store).
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KRRC Saved! Senate for the win! [04 Jan 2010|04:31pm]

KRRC would like to thank all who showed their support. Senate has decided to help us out!

KRRC needs $5k to apply for a new frequency, the assistant treasurers
are in favor of giving us the money, but ultimately it's senate's
decision. If you care about KRRC, if you've listened to KRRC, if you
like KRRC, please, take a second out of your day to send Senate an
email. Tell them you want to keep broadcasting and keep KRRC alive.


Added for clarity:
"There is another radio station broadcasting on our frequency that's moving to Tualatin, and once they go on the air, their signal will overpower ours. In order to continue broadcasting, we need to secure a new frequency from the FCC. The FCC only allocates frequencies every 6-7 years, and fortunately, they're doing it again this February, but the lawyers want $5k to file the paper work, so we're asking Senate for the money. We need to convince senate that we're worth saving, the more support we get (the more emails senate receives) the greater the chances we'll get our money.

To put it bluntly, this is life or death for KRRC, if we don't get a new frequency, we won't be able to legally broadcast, and the FCC will take our license away. Since they stopped giving out educational licenses back in the 70's, once we loose it, it's gone forever, we will never get it back. Senate is currently talking about KRRC's future and so I urge you, if you believe that KRRC should continue at Reed, to email senate@lists.reed.edu and let them know your feelings."
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You're a kitty! [14 Jul 2009|03:04am]

I hope this sort of post is acceptable--I checked community guidelines quickly and didn't see anything, but please let me know if it isn't, mods. Also, er, hello, everyone.

I literally found two very young kittens on my doorstep (in SE PDX) this weekend, with no sign of a mother, though they look too young to be away from one. Their eyes are just open and they're running around, and as dangerously cute as may be expected. They look like strays: a little thin, a little sick, but they're incredibly sweet and already affectionate. They'll run to you and fall asleep purring in your hands. They're irresistible in the flesh.

We've called the Humane Society, who won't take them, and referred us to Multnomah County Animal Control, who would take them but where they'll in all likelihood be killed soon. I'd like to avoid that. But I'm moving out of my house Wednesday night, and can't take them with me.

Does any of you want two (or even one, but they seem like a good pair) very young, very adorable, very sweet kittens? Can you foster them even briefly? Do you know anyone who might, and can you please ask around to see if anyone you know can take them? Please feel free to make your own LJ posts, or copy from mine, but please link back here to keep coordinated.

ETA: To make it extra sad, both kittens have what I am told (thanks, pandoranoir) is an upper respiratory infection--it's what's making their eyes extra weepy, and they sneeze sometimes. It's unfortunately very contagious among other cats, so this may make finding homes even more difficult. My knowledgeable friend who is helping foster (and who has a full-grown, healthy cat) tells me they've gotten better since we got them and they should be all better in a week or so; however, it's something you should know before taking them on. Unfortunately, I'm sparsely employed and can't really afford vet care.

I'm really in a bind, please help if you can. Even posting to your friendslist, or asking a single person today whom you know, would be something. Thanks for any help you can provide.

Pictures!Collapse )

Cross-posted to my journal, reedlj, and damnportlanders
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FYI: Article on Reed/financial aid/turning away students/the economy [10 Jun 2009|01:53pm]

[ mood | Concerned. ]

This has already been posted to reedlj , but I haven't seen it here yet.  Colin Diver mentioned that this article was upcoming at the London Centennial conference, but he presented it as a opportunity for more of the public to discover Reed exists.


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[21 May 2009|09:44am]

Okay, I think it's a reasonable time to post this, now. :) My mistake on doing so in April, when the glaciers were just retreating through Montana.

2009 Reed Reunions Class Dinner. It's my 5th year reunion. I'm moving away for graduate school, so I figured this was like a last Reedie hurrah for me in town. Are people going to attend? I think it would be fun.

Reunions: 6/2-9
Class dinner: 6/5 Friday

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Reed Alum looking for a roommate in NE Portland [10 May 2009|04:43pm]

This room is available Jun 1st, and is ideal for a student staying in Portland for the summer, but I welcome anyone looking for a longer term.

We are looking for an awesome roommate to round out our community (open to couples). We’re committed to creating a compassionate space in which we can all grow and live well. We look forward to making dinner with you, hearing about your day, and chatting about who’s going to clean the bathroom next.

A large 13.5’ x 19’ room is for rent in the desirable NE Portland/Piedmont area. This ranch style, corner lot home is on a quiet street near NE Michigan & NE Bryant.

Come home to your wood-paneled and plush carpeted room with lots of closet space and big windows.

There are spacious indoor shared spaces: a newly painted dining room and retro-style kitchen with lots of surfaces. A living room w/fireplace and projector make a great place for watching movies. We share a bathroom with a newly installed shower. Do your laundry in-house with the washer/dryer. Surf the high-speed wireless internet around the house or on the plush office couch.

Like to sit in the sun? Enjoy a fenced in garden area with beautiful rose bushes, or get your hands dirty in our vegetable garden.

Bike rider? Take a short bike ride to Fresh Pot Coffeehouse on Mississippi or check out the Common Grounds Wellness Coop on Alberta.

Near Bus Lines: #4 & #44, which run between St John’s and Downtown, and #6, which runs through Lombard and down NE 42nd and SE 39th

Want to take a walk? Enjoy the original Portland Rose Garden at Peninsula Park with Tennis courts & swimming pool; or pickup some groceries at the Arbor Lodge New Seasons; or hop a ride on the Max into downtown if the weather is funky. AJ Java is right around the corner as well.

Your Housemates:

Matt: 503-415-9533

Matt ('07) currently works in higher education and is into yoga, meditation, gardening, cooking, random tree climbing, biking to nowhere, and reading about how to fix the things that he breaks. Hopefully, this will start paying off soon.

Corey: 503-799-8838

Corey currently runs a Farmers Insurance Agency located on Mississippi Ave. and enjoys anything active and outdoors - camping, hiking, mountain biking, boating, snowboarding as well as some things indoors - working out, reading, and now working on home projects. :-)

1st month’s rent of $500 with fully refundable deposit of $250 due at lease signing ($750).
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[01 Apr 2009|12:51pm]

I just went to sign up for my 2009 Reed Reunions Class Dinner, but I admit I balked when IRIS reported that exactly zero of my classmates had registered so far. Are people going to attend? I think it would be fun.

Reunions: 6/2-9
Class dinner: 6/5 Friday

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Reedie in the news [18 Feb 2009|12:02pm]

Alumni connection to the Sam Adams story: http://wweek.com/editorial/3515/12225/#comments_add
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Olde Reed in the News [14 Nov 2008|11:51am]

An article about a rediscovered Gary Snyder recording.
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stress response [02 Nov 2008|08:48pm]

What's the stupidest or most ridiculous thing you did to balance sleep, social, academic and other needs while at Reed? My roommate once ate breakfast in the shower.* Can you beat that?

* I would have forgone either food or the shower, but whatever. As for me, I regularly slept in the twatch office junior year in order to maximize the amount of sleep I was getting. My senior year roommate says that leaving campus at 4am counts as ridiculous, but he has different priorities.
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[24 Oct 2008|11:54am]

The Parker House plan was approved.
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[08 Oct 2008|03:29pm]

It strikes me that I've learned a fair amount about brewing beer. If any Reedies want someone to ask questions about the process, please feel free to contact me.

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job posting at reed college [08 Oct 2008|01:53pm]


Assistant Professor of Theatre sought by Reed College. Seeking a theatre generalist committed to excellence in teaching in a small undergraduate theatre program in a liberal arts context. Tenure-track position begins late August 2009. Rank open. The ideal candidate will possess a Ph.D. and have undergraduate teaching experience in pre-twentieth-century theatre history and directing and/or playwriting. We are also interested in candidates who might add new courses to our curriculum, particularly in theoretical/critical areas. Responsibilities will include directing a main stage production and advising the writing and the production aspects of senior theses. Applications should include a letter of interest briefly discussing the candidate's approach to teaching, curriculum vitae and three letters of recommendation with appropriate contact information. Materials should be sent to Jo Cannon, Search Committee in Theatre, Reed College, 3203 South East Woodstock Boulevard, Portland, Oregon 97202-8199. An equal opportunity employer, Reed values diversity and encourages applications from underrepresented groups. Deadline: 12/2/08.
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Room available in Reed house as of Nov. 1st. [30 Sep 2008|07:36am]

Hey housing searchers, or friends of housing searchers,

An old Reed house has a roommate leaving for SF soon, and we are looking for someone (or a couple) to replace her. You would be living with 2 reed alums ('07 and '08) and one non-reedie in SE just a couple blocks from Holgate and 39th.

we are friendly, clean, and supportive. our house just got a new paint job. we love people who like to chill out on the porch and eat good food. we expect you to do a chore once a week and prioritize aesthetic. We have a loose commie food structure so that we DON'T each have our own eggs and salt. we like to share.

Please email koren@alumni.reed.edu if interested. Rent is $375/month.

Thanks for passing this on to your friends!
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[26 Sep 2008|07:32am]

Portlanders: I'm having trouble finding used brewing equipment: I'm looking to purchase all sorts (racking canes! sparging tools!), but especially a few 5gl corny (cornelius) kegs, a CO2 tank, and a gas regulator. Those three new would cost about $250. If anyone has any local contacts, please let me know. Otherwise I'll keep calling these restaurant supply stores and scouring craigslist. Thanks.
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